I attended the Town of Hempstead Board meeting today with running mates Laura Gillen (for Town Supervisor) and Sylvia Cabana (for Town Clerk) to speak to the board and lend some bi-partisan support for real ethics reform that would be both comprehensive, effective and make the real change we, the Democratic slate believe the Town of Hempstead needs and the taxpayers deserve.

It’s simple; what we are calling on the board to do is STOP FIGHTING and START REFORMING – and as RECLAIM NY and others would agree START LISTENING to the people of Hempstead.

We support the call for an Independent Inspector General by Councilwoman King-Sweeney and Councilman Blakeman.

We insist they hold an ethics reform and anti-corruption legislative hearing that taxpayers can attend. By holding this meeting in the evening, it would be more accessible to the residents of Hempstead. A meeting that listens to what the residents of Hempstead want to see and invites real and independent experts in the field to also weigh in. Let’s be honest, what the people really want is true reform that better protects their tax payer dollars while restoring confidence in their government. There is no better way to do that than make the process open and independent that allows them to participate.

Our Democratic slate will work to regain the trust of the public. We will work to create an open and transparent government by providing real ethics reform. We will work with, listen to and respect the residents of the Town of Hempstead and will work for the betterment of our community because we care what goes on in our local Government.

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