On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 there was the Town of Hempstead Board meeting. Attached is a video from the meeting which lasted over 4 hours. Please watch the video starting at 2:08:08 to see how terrible Councilwoman King-Sweeney was treated by Supervisor Santino. While I don’t always agree with Councilwoman King-Sweeney on policies, on her ethics ideas, she is spot-on. There is a true need for ethics reform in the Town of Hempstead, and the plan that Mr. Santino is proposing only begins to scrape the surface. We need an independent Inspector General to review contracts in the TOH, as Councilwoman King-Sweeney and Councilman Blakeman are stating. We need to make people aware of how our local government is being run and our taxpayer dollars are being wasted. We need to vote for change come November!  We need to elect individuals who will be true public servants, who will respect the residents and listen to their needs.

Here is The whole video from the Town of Hempstead board meeting from this past Tuesday. The meeting lasted 4 1/2 hours,…

Posted by Sue Moller for Town of Hempstead Council on Thursday, August 10, 2017

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