Meet Sue

Sue Moller

Community Member & Volunteer


Professional Counselor

Union Member (NYSUT)

Wife & Mother

Sue Moller has lived in the Town of Hempstead for over 30 years. She grew up in North Merrick, and lives there now with her husband and two children.

Education & Career

After earning her BA degree in Sociology, with a minor in Women’s Studies, from Stony Brook University, Sue earned her MS in Counseling from Long Island University, and her Advanced Certificate in Educational Leadership from Stony Brook University.

She is a NYS Certified School Counselor and also holds certifications as a School Building (SBL) and School District Leader (SDL).

Sue has been a High School Guidance Counselor for the past 15 years, working with students in grades 9 – 12 on topics such as course selections, graduation requirements, time management, stress management, and peer relationships. She works closely with students and their families on all facets of the college admissions process from application through financial aid and scholarships.

A proud NYSUT (New York State United Teachers Union) member throughout her career, Sue has served as a union building representative in her school district helping to represent and assist her colleagues.

Volunteerism & Community Involvement

Sue has a long history of volunteerism, community involvement, and passion towards helping others.

Since becoming a homeowner in N. Merrick, Sue has been active as a Regional Director for the Neighborhood Watch program through the North and Central Merrick Civic Association.

Sue has also been a volunteer and advocate for Celiac Disease awareness, and she served as a board member for three years for the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) – Long Island.

Sue is also very active in the School Counseling community here in Nassau County, serving as an executive board member for the Nassau Counselors’ Association for 14 years. She is currently serving as their President-Elect. Through the Nassau Counselors’ Association, Sue’s been volunteering her time for the betterment of the children of our town and county.

Sue is passionate about the future of our town. Here are some of the key issues she cares about:

Fighting Corruption

By ending the pay to play culture, and increasing oversight with an independent inspector general that can weed out the waste, fraud and abuse that breeds corruption.

Greater Affordability

By reducing government waste and fighting for housing options that help our seniors age in place and ensuring our young people can raise their families in the same place they grew up.

Protecting Our Environment

By maintaining and improving green spaces and ensuring clean and safe drinking water for all Town of Hempstead residents.

Business Support

By instituting programs to help attract new businesses to the Town of Hempstead while ensuring existing small businesses can continue to succeed in our town.


Listening to You

By encouraging and helping residents in the Town of Hempstead to become more active members of its government, for a participatory government that better represents their needs.

Combating the Opioid Crisis

By using Sue’s experience as a Guidance Counselor to bring the Town of Hempstead and our schools together to provide real solutions for treatment and prevention that our children need.

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